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Find your username in the comments and reply to it (without changing the subject) with your links to feedback if you wish to use it for your participation requirement. You can post here each time you give feedback or all at once, as long as you do it before the end of the month.

Remember, for feedback to count it must be at least four words long and in reply to the post.


If you want to affiliate with Oncoming Storms, reply here

Taken characters

5th_doctor Fifth Doctor Tag
dominie Seventh Doctor Tag

sarahs_attic Sarah Jane Smith Tag
shot_my_shoes Harry Sullivan Tag
ginger_snark Vislor Turlough Tag
forever_noble Donna Noble Tag

everybodylives River Song Tag

therealcaptjack Jark Harkness Tag
aliengeekgirl Toshiko Sato Tag
hofficoffi Ianto Jones Tag

Hiatus request

If you are away/ill/have another reason for not being able to participate in the comm then leave a reply with reasons and length of time (if known) this will go on for.

All comments are screened


Leave questions for the mod here. All comments are screened.

Alternatively, you can send an email to stormy.mod@gmail.com

Prompt suggestions

Leave all suggestions you have for prompts here, whether type of prompt you'd like to see, or specific ones. All ideas gratefully received.


To apply for a character reply to this post and fill in this form. And request to join the comm.

All comments are screened.

Name of character:
Character journal:
Name of mun:
Email address you can be contacted:
Other characters you play at Oncoming Storms (if applicable):
Link to something you've written in this character journal to verify you have a basic command of english/grammar/punctuation/the character/the universe:


1. How to join: Press the join button and go to the application post

2. Number of characters each mun can play: One regular canon character (Doctors, Companions, Torchwood regulars, SJA regulars) and one other character to start with. If after two months you're up to date with requirements (ie haven't had any warnings for the last two months) you can apply for a second character. OCs are allowed as long as they have a connection to Doctor Who canon.

3. Character duplicates: There can be a maximum of two canon versions of each character, but any number of AU versions. You don't have to play a canon character if you don't want to. Equally you don't have to play an AU character if you don't want to.

4. Activity requirements: These will be measured monthly (by calendar month). To stay in the community during that month for each character you play you must either:
a. Write at least one prompt, whether recent or old
b. Participate in at least one roleplay
c. Give at least four pieces of feedback
And you must write at least one prompt every three months

a and b will be measured by tags. If you write a prompt or participate in a roleplay, add your tag to the post. I'll be checking using the tags, so if you don't have one your participation won't be counted. You can link your prompt or RP back to your personal journal if you like.

Any prompts or RP counts, no matter how long ago the prompt was posted. You can even answer one you've done before, as long as you write something different.

For c (feedback) it must have at least four words to count. This can be IC or OOC, but must be in reply to a post - recs do not count. For your feedback to count as your activity requirement for the month find your username on this post and reply with links to where your feedback is. You can do this each time you give feedback or at the end of the month, as long as it's done by the 1st of the month when I check activity.

5. Activity checks:
Activity will be checked on or near (but not before) the first of the month. If you have not fulfilled requirements you will be emailed with a warning. If you don't fulfill requirements for two months in a row you will be taken out of the comm. If you fulfil requirements for the next month but not the one after, you will get another warning. If you don't post in the next two weeks after the warning, you will be taken out of the comm. If you are removed from the comm you cannot re-apply until the next month.

If you are away/ill/have another reason for not being able to participate in the comm then leave a message here with reasons and length of time (if known) this will go on for.

If you join less than a week before the end of the month, activity will not be counted until the next month.

6. Word count: There's no minimum word count. No maximum either.

7. Cut tags: All posts containing adult content, violence or spoilers must be put behind a cut and labelled clearly outside of the cut tag. Also if they are long (definition left to the poster's discretion).

8. Wank: Wank as much as you like - just remember it's a solitary activity and, contrary to any old wive's tales you've heard, doesn't make you go blind.

9. Leaving the comm: You're free to leave any time you like for any reason. If you wish to re-apply later there will be no penalty. I just ask that as a courtesy you let me know that's what you're doing, either by email or commenting on the Questions post.

One last rule: This community can either be a democracy or a dictatorship. If you want something changed - ie don't like the prompts, disagree with one of the rules etc - then say so. Don't just complain - as much as it's cathartic to have a good whinge now and again, it won't actually change anything. Similarly, if you'd prefer different prompts, then suggest some yourself here.

Rules last modified 22nd July 2009 to make rule 3 more clear.



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